Our team have the right skills and extensive
experience in providing professional IT services to
a wide array of business segments.

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We are truly talented IT professionals with extensive skills in Web Design, Database, Multimedia, Mobile App, Hardware and Networking.

+ Best in town DRONES for rentals.
+ Executive Home Computer Tuition for all.
+ Cloud Service for corporate and individuals.

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We Understand your Business

We understand your business is central to your brand identity,
reputation and how customers perceive you. 
We take the time to understand your business and
create a strategy to fulfill your commercial objectives.

We  are experienced in
professional IT services
irrespective of size and complexity.

Drone rentals

Do you want Best in town Drones for you Film Making, Surveying, Construction, Mining, Agriculture, then Contact us now.
Take aerial photography and video of your house.
Inspect your roof, windows, and
take pictures/video to show a contractor without ever getting on a ladder!

Our partnership model does not only results in the growth of your business online,
but is the key reason why so many of our clients have kept coming back to us over the past years.
From SMEs to the most recognisable global corporations, we’ve played a crucial role in the growth of our clients’ online presence.

Executive Home Tuition

Do you want to acquire skills in IT and earn money home
Be it Networking, Hardware, Programming, Database, Graphic Design, Video Editing, Audition (sound), 
Office Applications ( Word, Excel, Access, Visio) or Animation. 
Do you want one-on-one tuition. 
Do you want it at our premises or in-house.
Do you want it Online or Offline?
Then Call +233 231901977 or  Contact us now


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